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starfish thrower

Persuasion for a cause… you can make a difference

Maybe you remember … [Read more...]

curiosity gap persuasion

People can get addicted to words. This works like cocaine (kind of).

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pivot technique persuasion

How can you pivot someone’s mind in three steps?

"You're wrong!" has … [Read more...]

persuasive swearing

Here’s why your parents were wrong about swearing

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Interview with a social influence expert: Dariusz Dolinski

Dariusz Dolinski is … [Read more...]

boredom audit job

Audit: Why I never want to have a boring job again

8 years ago, I was a … [Read more...]


Can you make anyone do anything?

I want to share … [Read more...]

tie-down questions, trial close

How to use persuasive tie-down questions for better persuasion

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how to handle the but during persuasion

Objection handling: one easy thing to do when someone says “but”

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5 whys persuasion sales

5 simple questions to ask if you really want to understand what someone needs

If you are trying to … [Read more...]