Deliver memorable messages during presentations with power pausing

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If we want people to listen, understand and remember our messages, we need to make it easy for them.

  1. Pause before a message and make sure your audience is listening.
  2. Deliver your message with a slow and confident delivery. You can also try to vary pitch and volume to create more contrast.
  3. Pause after your message to make sure that your message gets digested. Don’t hesitate to repeat your message if you feel you need to.

This is the most IMPORTANT moment of your presentation (or interview). Your message needs to be simple and memorable so that it can be spread by your audience.

It’s exactly like sandwiching your message between pauses.

It’s official now, we can’t focus longer than goldfish.

attention span gold fish

How many presentations did you sit through, slightly drifting into sleep because of the distant and monotonous voice of the presenter? Too many.

Don’t perpetuate the circle of boring presentations

  1. Make pauses and vary your pitch, volume and delivery
  2. Use humor and make it about the audience
  3. Use simple messages and use the power pausing technique

People focus better at the beginning and at the end of a presentation. Why not use those slots to pass your sandwiched messages?

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