Objection handling: one easy thing to do when someone says "but"

how to handle the but during persuasionWhen you are trying to persuade someone, you often have to deal with the dreaded “BUT” word.

The objection is presented the following way:

  1. “I’d love to go forward” (positive intention)
  2. “BUT”
  3. “I can’t because of XXX”  ( objection).

Technique #1: Problem shifting

One of the possible techniques that was already mentioned in this blog is the problem-shifting technique

I agree. You think you can’t go forward because of XXX (objection). The issue is not XXX. It’s YYY (benefits). How much do you love YYY?

We have shifted the issue from XXX to YYY,  YYY being one of the benefits of following your persuasive proposal.


Customer - I don’t like bananas.

You - I understand you might not like the taste of bananas… But the issue is not whether you like the taste of bananas or not, the issue is how much a regular banana diet can improve your health and concentration. How interested are you in being healthy and focused?

Technique #2: But-flipping

This method works like a charm, and it’s absolutely EASY to apply.

Just flip what was before and after the “But”.

If someone objects:

I would like to go forward, but I can’t because of XXX…

Your answer:

I know there is XXX, but I see that you’re willing to go forward, right?

You’re not actually killing the objection, but the other person will now try to work with you to find a solution.

The whole technique works on the following premise

Everything before the “but” is bullshit

By flipping the sentences, you diminish the value of the objection, and you put the focus on the positive intention. It’s like jiu-jitsu.


Customer:  I like the color of this laptop, but the price is too high

You: So, if I understand correctly, you perceive the price as being a bit high, but you think blue is a good color for your laptop. Is that right?

Don’t forget to ask for validation at the end of the technique and to download the report.

There is a technique in the report that really works well with what we’ve just learnt.

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